Yoga of Inquiry & Action: Exploring Yamas/Niyamas

Yoga Inquiry & Action:

Exploring the Yamas and Niyamas
An Online Course (plus 3 in-person meet ups)

January 5th - October 18th, 2020
Meet up #1 Sunday Jan 5th, 2020 11am-2pm
Meet up #2 Sunday May 24th, 2020 11am-2pm
Meet up #3 Sunday Oct 18th, 2020 11am-2pm
(If you aren't local not to worry, you will be able to join us for the live sessions via Zoom!)

We all have stories that unconsciously run our lives and shape our every action: decisions, judgments, beliefs and choices. These stories come from our past experiences, challenges, and memories. In yoga, habits or patterns of behaviour that are learned from past experiences are called samskaras. It is thought that the root of all unnecessary suffering is held within these repeated behaviours or samskaras. Yoga of Inquiry & Action teaches us that we can shift these patterns: we can grow into new habits entirely, redirecting our focus and purpose to what’s true and valuable for us.

The Yamas & Niyamas consist of 10 principles for living a whole-hearted and embodied life. Through studying each principle over the year in our program, you will uncover stories about yourself and shine a light on your shadow selves at a pace and depth that is comfortable for you. In return, you will gain: new tools, perspective, increased self-care, compassion and love, while fostering deep connections with others along the journey.

This is a program where you will see yourself as you really are, not as who you think you should be. We will hold you nurtured and safe in your discovery and would be honoured to support you on your journey. There are no pre-requisites beyond a curiosity to deepen your yoga practice beyond the physical, and a willingness to take a peek inside.

January 5, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Front Fierce Studio
#5-770 Bay St.
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 5E4 CA
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Spaces Left: 9 Capacity: 15
Event Prices:
$367.50 - Loyalty (for previous graduates before Nov 1st)
$393.75 - Early Bird (Before Nov 15th, 2019)
$420.00 - Regular (After Nov 15th, 2019)